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Customer satisfaction surveys work perfectly to improve products/services by tracking customer satisfaction.

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Customer Satisfaction surveys

Do you want to increase the count of your satisfied customers? Having satisfied customers is must for every business. There are some businesses looking for a way to enhance customer relationship management and that can be only possible with customer satisfaction surveys. With such surveys, you can easily gain response from your customers that enable you to manage and enhance customer loyalty.

There are many different types of customer satisfaction surveys available through which you can easily follow-up on positive or negative customer reviews and can instantly take decision accordingly. With effective survey process, you can simply reach to happy customers and create professional reports of your company. At Ecreasys, you can find different methods of customer satisfaction surveys such as:

  • IVR
  • Online
  • SMS Text
  • Paper based
  • Emails and so on.

Our Process to Create Customer Satisfaction Surveys:


We have expert group of professional, who are using the latest market trends to create surveys related to your business field.


Once we create survey, we are distributing it through suitable method. It is up to our clients to choose an appropriate method for survey purpose.


Lastly, our experts are evaluating outcomes and display results into graphs or charts form that helps you to know where you are lacking behind.

Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys We Offer

Having in-depth knowledge and huge expertise of creating surveys, our team, at Ecreasys, can help you to customize the questions to make your survey fit according to your business needs. Our list of different types of customer satisfaction surveys is not limited to:

  • Product Satisfaction

    With this survey type, you can be able to know customer behavior and how new product you have to create.

  • Website/Checkout Satisfaction

    With this effective survey, you come to know about your website’s functionality and other related things.

  • Customer Support

    It is one of the commonest surveys that we are providing after interacting with a support department.

  • Overall Satisfaction

    Those companies, who want to measure overall satisfaction on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, are adopting this survey to take decisions about future plans.

  • Sales Satisfaction

    This survey benefits your sales team by identifying customers’ future purchase behavior

  • Client Engagement Satisfaction

    This survey is best for those organizations that offer services like public relations, accounting, etc. for getting a view after engage with their service.