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Want to detect more buyer interest
through social media monitoring?

Ecreasys provides an effective SMM for targeting and managing relationship customers and detects buyer interest that result into yield the greatest returns.

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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring is similar to reverse market research as it allows you to read what your customers’ are saying online about your products or services in blogs, articles, comments and post made to forums and different places like Facebook and Twitter. It is spying on public conversations. Through social media monitoring service, you can easily find-out what people are saying about your business across different social media platforms and sources.

Ecreasys is a leading Social Media Monitoring solutions company in India delivering a comprehensive range of social media monitoring services to your company, executives and brand. Here, our team of professionals is dedicated to monitor different social media channels in order to show you what is being said about your company, brand and industry in blogs, news, forums, websites, Facebook and Twitter.

Media Research Solutions That Offered By Us
  • Monitoring: Initially, we monitor different social media platforms in order to collect data, create dashboards and present information based on the buzz on various topics of your industry.
  • Analysis: After collecting huge data and information, we start with developing a preface category model and start analyzing that data and tuning it to the particular sentiments of your audience.
  • Reporting: Ultimately, we finalize the reports that we will send to our client’s about their public buzz and what they are saying within their market. In reporting, we deliver detailed insights of the social media market.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing From Ecreasys?

  • Accurate Information

    Here, we make use of right resources to monitor your all major social media channels for any kind of information that is related to your brand, products/services and company.

  • Advanced Tools & Technologies

    Using different social media monitoring tools, our team of experts engages in monitoring different social media platforms to provide complete information and data about your brand!

  • Committed Professionals

    Our highly dedicated and committed professionals deliver hassle-free social media monitoring services to our clients worldwide and help them expand their business!

  • Flexible Pricing

    We have highly flexible pricing services, so businesses can hire social media monitoring services as per their requirements!

  • 24x7 Customer Support

    Ecreasys delivers 24x7 customer support to solve your queries. Our support team instantly gives a solution to your problem!

  • Regular Reporting

    Our experts will give regular reports about your project so that you have complete information about your project’s completion and what’s going on!