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Our Virtual Receptionist Service is the best solution to connect with your callers and help them out; thus, VRS service record a professional welcoming and boost company’s identity.

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Virtual Receptionist services

Virtual Receptionist Service is every business’s needs. This service allows you to connect with your callers and helps them to reach at an appropriate place, no matter where you are. Adopting service of virtual receptionist helps to record a professional welcoming and improve your company’s identity. Business cannot have to bear any extra cost for setting up a virtual receptionist system as it can easily fit in an existing phone line.

Virtual Receptionist Services designed at Ecreasys enhances business’ professionalism. Having the importance of client communication, we ensure to offer marvelous features that help you to run your business smoothly. Our service enables your business to deal with incoming calls in an efficient manner. Even, you can simple handle your calls that come after your business hours. Our professional virtual receptionist services include many fabulous features including music on hold, call screening, conference calling, voicemail transcriptions, and so on that you can use to build your business’s brand among your customers.

Our List of Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Appointment Setting
  • Dedicated toll-free number
  • Scheduling and Reservations
  • 24/7 live reception coverage
  • Call screening and transfer
  • Trained legal receptionists
  • Live Transfer (Call Patching)
  • Electronic Message Delivery (Real-time)

Why You Look Us for Virtual Receptionist Services?

Virtual Receptionist Services from Ecreasys is best fitted for those businesses, who don’t want to leave their single clients without answering. No matter, you have business like real estate, ticketing booking service or running any helpdesk for educational organization, our virtual receptionist service is best option for you to handle enquiries.

  • Direct Contact

    We ensure to make direct interactions with your callers to grow your business at the great extend.

  • Flexibility

    Our service offers you flexibility to forward your calls 24*7 and our experts are here to make immediate connection.

  • Multiple Opportunities

    We are providing various opportunities for staff members with our service, so they can easily respond to customer inquiries.

  • Virtual Receptionist

    We have highly expert operators, who can handle your call nicely and answer them in your way.

  • Flexible Pricing Packages

    We have flexible quotation for every VR service as not every business needs the same level of service.

  • No Hidden Charge

    We charge for what we offer. We don’t cost any hidden charges for what we don’t have work for them.


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