Directory services

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Ecreasys is here to help you out in storing, organizing and providing quick access to directory information and assures you that updated data is accessible. Get directory service from us and get lots of benefits!

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Directory services

Are looking for the best directory services for your business needs? Ecreasys offers Directory services that are one type of software systems that store, manage and deliver access to directory information for unifying network resources.

The network resources’ network names are planned by directory services to network addresses and define a naming structure for networks. The best thing about directory service is that it provides transparency to protocols and network topology that enables user to access resources without having to be aware of the physical position of the devices.

No doubt, directory service is an essential component of the network operating system and we, at Ecreasys, are providing this service with a collection of advantages.

Features of Directory Services
  • Lower departmental cost
  • Minimized overhead through standardization
  • Offering Backup and restoration services for central storage
  • Offering single platform for all other directory-ware services
  • Easy Sync of Password between AD and LDAP Directory Services
  • Enhanced service through centralized management capabilities

Why Ecreasys for Directory Services?

  • Experience

    Our professionals have 5+ years of experience and the proven track record to deliver effective directory service at reasonable rates.

  • Trained Professionals

    Our experts have expertise of gathering and generating critical data when existing Meta data is missing.

  • Regular Update

    Ecreasys believes to connect with our clients throughout the process so to update them regularly about their project.

  • Communication

    Our key to success is communication with clients through various modes, including call, mail and chat

  • No Hidden Charges

    We send you honest quote with charging any hidden price or surprising cost. We only charge for the work we do for your site.

  • After Sales Support

    Once work is done, we always provide after sales support service through email, phone, messaging, etc. to solve queries.