Survey Processing services

Know How Your Customers Behave
& What They Want From Your Business

With our Survey Processing service, detecting customers’ behavior and what they are expecting from your business become much easy. Now, collect feedback on products/services to boost user experience!

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Survey Processing services

Calculation and evaluating data and projections is better understood as Survey. Most of the companies are conducting different types of surveys online and offline to know about their targeted customer-base, market and other related things. Additionally, surveys are also done for gathering feedbacks on particular products/services to improve user experience and quality of the customers.

As everyone knows that Surveys are one of the effective ways to detect how customers act, so Ecreasys provide affordable solution through survey processing services to allow organizations and businesses with better understanding of their strong as well as weak points. Having years of experience in providing Survey Processing Services, our professional team can deliver the best possible outcomes, assisting in every phrase of your survey processing project. We offer survey processing services for:

  • Survey Market Requirements and so on.
  • Determining Organizational Performance
  • Getting Customers’ feedback about products/services
Key Survey Processing Services Offered by Ecreasys

At Ecreasys, our qualified team offers a complete solution of survey processing services at committed time-frame. We firstly understand your project’s needs and then providing solution that works effectively for your business. Our list of survey processing services includes:

  • Survey Data Entry
  • Academic survey
  • Survey and market research
  • Comment Coding and Entry
  • Reporting and adhoc decision making
  • Survey Mailing & Scanning Services

Our Effective Process for Survey Processing Services

  • Setting- up

    Firstly, we set up process by understanding the elements required in the survey process.

  • Designing

    After process planning, we create questionnaires, forms and other methods of getting proper data.

  • Gather Information

    Our professional team works dedicatedly to make sure that survey outcomes assemble your analysis requirements.

  • Scanning

    Using OCR and ICR, our experts convert data into required format.

  • Data entry

    In the next step, we enter the data into database or excel spreadsheets for analysis and data withdrawal.

  • Data Reporting

    Lastly, we perform statistical tests or query databases to extract data and present information in the graphical or tabular form.